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Why is French Gourmet Food so popular? It should come at no surprise that the French are a highly passionate culture. The French meet everything in life with a vigor and intensity that shows, from love to food. In fact, the French are known for their passion for food. Every famous dish sprang from years of experimenting to get the perfect flavors and techniques that make them good enough to be featured on their dinner tables. Their passion extends so far as to have people all over the world want a taste of the simple and exquisite French dishes that fuel them.

As any good cook knows, there are many ingredients that make a dish, but the most intriguing thing about French cuisine is the geography of where all the ingredients stem from. The French coastline touches both the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean in a 5,000 km stretch. The diverse landscape allow for France to grow a wide variety of herbs and spices, vegetables and fruits.

Even the climate works in the chef’s favor, as France is able to produce such a large variety of cheeses that are completely unique to their country. They produce everything from blue cheese and goat cheese to fresh, soft cheese with white or removable mold. There are so many different types of cheese made in France, everyone can find one that fits their pallet.

Perhaps one of the most recognizable things about French cuisine are the rich sauces associated with so many of their dishes. Classic, popular sauces like Au Jus, Hollandaise and even Béarnaise were created by the French. Butter, cream and wine sauces are to be expected with many of the famous dishes that come out of this country. Dishes like Beef bourguignon and Coq au vin are known worldwide. Even common cooking techniques like flambé, sauté and braising that weren’t created in France were perfected there.

Perfection is a key word when describing French cuisine. It’s the techniques and flavors they have mastered throughout the years that have created the perfection expected by everyone that samples one of the dishes France claims. Everything from the wine and sauces mentioned stems from the rich selection of ingredients the French people are so proud of. It’s the driving force of inspiration behind so many new recipes and passion for their food.

Taking a look through the history books shows that some of the most famous French gourmet chefs worked for kings and queens before the revolution. Once the revolution came these same chefs may have been physically out of their jobs cooking for royalty, but they never stopped cooking like they were mentally. They continued their passion by opening restaurants and creating new recipes for everyone to enjoy. The same dishes chefs are putting on your tables today stem from a long history and background of passion that turn everyone into royalty.